Pre-trip Jitters and Thoughts

Forced myself to sit down and reflect on my feelings before heading out on a two-month-ish road trip by myself. Lucky you that you get to read these rambling thoughts.

Through Ingria’s Eyes

Ingria was with me through it all and I wouldn’t be here today without her support. Here’s the climbing accident story through her eyes.

My Unexpected Love

Have you ever loved an article of clothing so much that it has become a part of you? Well, I have and here’s our story.

The Recovery (Part 2): Loss

I was clearly grieving without knowing it. Grieving the loss of time, plans, opportunities, activites, a sense of self, life, just everything and anything.

The Recovery (Part 1): Pain

I wanted the pain to go away. Eventually, it left my body, but continued to consume my mind and soul.

The Fall That Broke Me, Literally

I started writing this post back in April, but stopped because I wasn’t ready to tell this story yet. Eight months later, I’m ready now.

Year Two in Seattle

Though we’re still in a pandemic, it’s actually been quite a memorable year.


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